Our protection coverage policy offers All Risk Door-to-Door Protection for all of your household goods, personal effects and automobile, moving by land, sea or air. The Policy is underwritten by our partner insurance company. You define the value of your belongings yourself.

Your coverage under our All Risk Protection Policy begins from the moment your belongings are professionally packed by our team at your residence and continues through the ordinary course of transit, including customary trans-shipment, until the goods have been delivered to your new residence. Moreover, the duration of cover includes thirty (30) days of storage immediately after collection at origin and thirty (30) days of warehouse storage prior to delivery at the final destination, provided that the goods are stored at a FRACHTMEISTER premises or those of one of their agents.

Please note that Self-storage ends this coverage. It is important that any requests for further storage coverage extension beyond the free 30-day period are made prior to the expiry of the 30-day period. If you would like to request a storage coverage extension for your shipment, please contact your FRACHTMEISTER move coordinator.

You can be assured that we take every precaution to protect your belongings during their international transit. Nonetheless, experience has taught us that sometimes the unexpected does happen. Since it is possible for accidental loss and/or damage to occur, we offer protection coverage.