We put our customers at the center of our business. We carry out the orders of our customers responsibly and service-oriented. We provide our customers with the best possible service.


We provide our employees with the resources, the environment and the opportunity to be successful and profitable. We are an innovative team and are positive about changes. We respect and value our employees and know that your competence and commitment is the basis for our success. We motivate our employees to contribute their abilities and ideas and promote the development of each individual.


Frachmeister is a premium moving and relocation company based in Austria known for its high quality, complete and flexible removal services. First opening its doors in 1994, this innovative and dynamic business is now a large organization boasting of a dedicated and highly-skilled team of managers and movers as well as a fleet of modern transport vehicles. Their many professional services include domestic and international relocation, private removals, furniture logistics, transport of art and other valuables, storage, and laboratory relocation. They are also capable of packing and moving large and fragile technology such as medical devices, lasers equipment, sensitive electronic devices, computers and large cleaning equipment.

We want to expand our position as a market leader, and to further improve our services with innovation and sustainability.